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202 EDITIONS is committed to a slow circular system; we produce quality jewellery with extended life cycles. To reduce waste and the size of our carbon footprint we manufacture the collection’s items on demand or pre-produce small numbers at our studio in Düsseldorf, Germany. We work with custom-made tools and integrate little prefabricated components. We use high-quality recycled precious metals from German refineries with the highest sustainability standard.

We put a lot of care in selecting the right partners and suppliers (DE,NL,BE) to make sure that all the services and our products as well as the packaging are produced in a fair and ethical manner.

We strive to improve the environmental and social sustainability of our products and will continue our efforts to educate ourselves and improve. For any ideas on how you think we may be able to further improve our processes we’d love to hear from you.

  • 202E designs for longevity and recyclability.
  • 202E sources and produces with good ethics
  • 202E avoids dead-stock and unnecessary use of resources
  • 202E uses fewer processes to make our products
  • 202E monitors its supply chain to promote a fair trade.
  • 202E collaborates with partners who share our values