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Care and Service

To make sure your pieces last and keep their lustre, it is important to give them proper care. There’s a lot you can do to maintain your pieces in good condition.


The way to maintain a sleek polished look of your jewellery is to make sure to wear it frequently, avoid scratching and exposure to chemicals.

For wearing jewellery a good rule of thumb is “last on, first off.” Put jewellery on after applying makeup, perfume and hairspray. Remove jewellery before doing manual labour, sports, taking a bath, showering or cleaning.

For your pieces to keep their shine, it is important to avoid forceful contact and friction with hard surfaces. Try to keep your jewellery far from perfumes, lotions, other chemicals, and out of humidity. This includes while storing.


Rub and polish silver or gold with a jewellery polishing cloth for smooth surfaces before or after wearing. Do not use tissue or paper towels, they can cause scratches because of fibres in these products.

Silver naturally oxidises when exposed to air, liquids and substances from the skin. The best way to keep your silver jewellery from tarnishing is to wear it frequently and polish it regularly.

Should it become necessary, you may clean the jewellery with warm water and mild washing detergent. Dry well with a soft cloth. This should be done only when really necessary.


When not wearing or displaying, please store your 202 EDITIONS jewellery individually in the accompanied box and wrap it in a soft material that will protect it from rubbing against other metals or abrasive surfaces, exposure to sunlight, and moisture.

After Sales Service

We want you to be able to wear and enjoy your jewellery for the longest of times. Should any of your 202 EDITIONS pieces need professional cleaning or polishing, be resized, adjusted or repaired please get in touch with us via Mentioned services are complimentary with purchase of a piece of 202 EDITIONS jewellery but 202 EDITIONS cannot be held responsible for defects due to: Failure or damage caused by improper use, negligence, lack of regular maintenance, loss, or theft.