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202 EDITIONS is a Düsseldorf-based jewellery label run by goldsmith and designer duo Karin Heimberg and Maryvonne Wellen.

Quality design, a slow fashion approach and craftsmanship are the soul of the brand.

202 EDITIONS creates limited edition jewellery to last beyond a lifetime. Poised and polished pieces to be charged with memories and emotions when worn on the skin. Mindful luxury with pragmatism and grace. Jewellery to reflect their wearer’s sense, intellect and beauty.

For the love of craftsmanship, 202 EDITIONS employs both age-old goldsmiths techniques and contemporary production processes to manufacture the collection’s items in-house at their atelier in Düsseldorf, Germany. To honour authenticity, 202 EDITIONS choses to operate small-scale and limits the output of each new design to an edition of maximum 202 items.

Find our current collection in the webshop.