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Frequently asked questions

Limited editions

Choosing to operate on a small-scale and reducing our maximum output allows us to be and work in a  focused and  sustainable manner. Plus, it allows us to regularly deliver innovative styles with a contemporary appeal while staying true to our own production standards and keep control over quality in our own hands.

To ensure authenticity each piece of 202 EDITIONS jewellery is stamped with our logo and comes in branded jewellery packaging with a small certificate stating edition number and product specification.

Recycled Precious Materials and Sustainability

We want to offer a conscious choice apart from the established jewellery industry, with its issues of mass- and overproduction, pollution and human right abuses. We design and make limited edition jewellery on demand from recycled metals. We are committed to a slow circular system and strive to constantly improve the environmental and social sustainability of our products.


for a total overview of our work methods and design principles, including our sustainable practices and aims.

Yes, we put a lot of care in selecting the right partners and suppliers and use high-quality responsibly sourced materials, mainly recycled precious metals from german refineries with the highest sustainability standard.

We have not yet released any designs with gemstones but found a reliable local partner for second-hand stones that we would love to collaborate with.


No, for Vermeil/Plated jewellery the process of electrolysis forms a thin layer of precious metal on another solid metal. 202 EDITIONS is committed to a slow circular system. We design for recyclability and aim to use as few processes as possible to make our products and avoid unnecessary use of energy and resources. Since plated jewellery requires adding a number of processes for production and recycling and being more at risk of losing its quality appearance due to the topcoat rubbing off, we have decided against offering vermeil/plated options and only manufacture in precious alloys.


Most of our products are made to order and are individually produced for you. We do not have every item and size in stock. We will dispatch all approved orders as quickly as possible but please allow up to 5 weeks for your custom-made orders to ship.

See Delivery and Returns

for more information on processing, manufacturing and shipping times.

Care and clean

The best way to keep your jewellery alive and shining is to wear it frequently, regularly give it a gentle rub with a soft cloth and avoid pressure and scratching. Also see Product Care for more information on how to take care of your 202 EDITIONS jewellery.

Payment methods

In our online store you can pay with the following means of payment:

  • via Paypal
  • by credit card (Visa/Mastercard/American Express)
  • by immediate bank transfer
  • by SEPA direct debit mandate

We do not offer an instalment payment or an invoice purchase.